Yacon Syrup


Weight loss depends on two factors: diet and exercise. In the modern world where time is money, it has become harder to find the time to exercise and in most cases to eat right. Rushing in the morning to office or from one meeting to the other, its much more convenient to get a burger from a fast food joint rather than eat a nutritious balanced diet. Similarly with all the time spent working, you end up exhausted thus skipping exercise most of the time. To bolster your system supplements become necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

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Natural supplements:

There are different types of supplements present, ranging from supplements which increase body mass, cause muscle growth, hair growth to weight loss. Synthetic supplements are available but the side effects usually end up causing more harm than good. Natural supplements help you reap its benefits while causing little or no side effects if used properly. Hence natural supplements available are becoming a fast developing trend with people all over the world adopting these herbal remedies.

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Yacon syrup:

Yacon syrup is a sweetening agent extracted from the tuberous roots of the yacon plant, which is present mostly in the Andes Mountains. It is composed of 50% fructooligossaccharides (FOS) which is a sweetener but does not increase blood glucose. Yacon also various has various healthy bacteria which help in digestion.

Weight loss benefits of Yacon syrup:

Low in calories:

The FOS present in yacon syrup has unique properties. They resist breakdown by enzymes and reach colon without being digested hence making yacon a very low calorific food.

Beneficial bacteria:

Various beneficial bacteria in the colon are aided by FOS residing in yacon syrup. This helps in bowl moments and increases bacteria population, which maintains weight level.

Regulate insulin and reduce cholesterol:

FOS is converted into short chained fatty acids which inhibit cholesterol production in the liver. It also helps in controlling production of peptides which regulate insulin levels and food intake. Thus helping both obese and diabetic patients by maintaining their appetite and blood sugar.


Tru body wellness:

Tru body wellness

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Certified quality control:

Products by Tru body wellness have passed through a strict regiment of quality control and analysis. Each product is ensured to reach the standard of quality set and no compliance is tolerated. GMP certifications and FDA inspections ensure this. Our production is entirely based in USA hence the standards to be met are higher than many similar services.


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Customer service:

Ordering your product is a phone call or email away using Tru body wellness. Sales representatives are provided to each customer who guide them through the simple process, issue quotes and deal with customers till the product is safely delivered.


Safe shopping system:

Privacy is respected for all clients and a hundred percent safe system is present for transactions and sales of the products.